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Miniforms was founded in Italy in 1962 and was known asInvetaa (Industria Veneta Tavolinetti), a manufacturer of small tables and small furnishing accessories. In 2009, Miniforms is headed by a new generation who immediately invested in cutting-edge production and collaboration with young talents of Italian design.


Pacini E Cappellini

Pacini E Cappellini has born in 1982 with the love of wood and home. Using technologies and new industrial processes, in addition to the cooperation with a team of designer, iconic products such as TV stands and tables came to life.



Sangiacomo was born in 1968 in Brugnera. Thank to their creativity, passion and continuous research on aesthetic and functionality, they were able to give an added value to their products, and thus their success.

Products 1875 x 2500.jpg

Santa Lucia

It all started in 1965 when a workshop was born out of passion for wood and furniture home. In only a decade the small workshop grew to reach its present 40.000 square meters of production area with production systems at the forefront thanks, and an internationally recognized quality.


Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa started more than 40 years ago, from scratch, producing shoe racks. In order to have the best possible products within Italian craftsmanship, they asked the most skilled artisans to do what they did best: to build flawless furniture. This goal, still remains Tonin casa's main objective to this day.