A combination of many love stories: the wood, the home, the living

The history of Pacini & Capellini is a combination of many love stories: the wood, the home, and the living. The company manufactures and sells furniture and accessories for residential environments and communities. Since 1982, Pacini & Capellini has been using technologies and new industrial processes. The collaboration with a team of designers resulted in iconic products, such as the TV stands designed by Fabio Rebosio and the Plurimo Table designed by Hanno Giesler.


Constant Belief

Pacini e Cappellini’s idea is to maintain traditional values while learning from the fathers creativity, passion, and the spirit of research.


Practically Beautiful

Pacini e Cappellini’s goal is to ensure beauty, elegance, and charm in every piece, even the ones with multiple functionalities and purposes.

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Wood Masters

Pacini e Cappellini has developed a unique and advanced way of working with various types of wood, a material that is prominent in most of their collections

What you can find by Pacini e Capellini