Founded in 1939, Farra is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in the Lebanese decoration and design industry


Ever since its inception, Farra Design Center has been highly praised by customers new and old, and currently possesses arguably one of the strongest brand recognition in the Lebanese furniture industry. The company mainly targets owners of residential houses and furnished apartments in Lebanon, as well as hotels in the Middle East looking for quality furniture at a reasonable price. Despite the unstable political situation in Lebanon, Farra has managed to remain over troubled water, and produced admirable results even in the most difficult times. The outlook of the furniture industry is promising with thousands of new houses built yearly. Farra’s main gallery, located on the Mkalles main road, was build in 2002 and is now one of the largest furniture stores in the country.

A Wide Variety of Products and Services

The furniture and accessories at Farra are displayed by varying styles and themes. Throughout the entire decorating and renovating process, customers are educated and assisted in selecting and designing the best interior product that fits their lifestyle. Services at Farra include installation, post-installation, and after-sales warranty. Farra’s philosophy is to import quality furniture based on the combination of design, good workmanship and competitive pricing backed by excellent service. The Farra sales team is committed to finding the best deal to match any customer’s unique needs and style, while the interior designers at the company specialize in decorating and renovating any style project from homes to hotels, offices, and more.