Functional and modern top-design products

For over twenty years Midj has been pursuing its goals of growth and development in production and style, re-designing its range, improving and expanding its offices and production units, where chairs are made for markets worldwide. Experience and professionalism acquired over the years are the strength base of the company, which offers functional, modern top-design products. In their diverse collection, Midj constantly searches for versatility and the chance to find the complete solution for both public and private spaces.

Soft Designs.jpg

Soft Designs

MIDJ designs accommodate flowing lines, rounded corners and soft furnishing that convey beauty, simplicity, and comfort.

Matching Chairs.jpg

Matching Chairs

MIDJ has a wide variety of chairs that hold various styles in which it can match any dining room ambiance.

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Significant Collection

MIDJ constantly search for versatility and complete solutions to every new collection, each shaped with brand new materials and colors tried and tested.

What you can find by Midj