Centuries-old spirit of Venetian artistry

Alberta was founded in 1978 in Italy’s north east, a land inspired by tradition based on the natural creativity of the local people and the centuries-old spirit of Venetian artistry. The company produces sofas and armchairs with timeless classic and modern styling as well as exclusive interior design pieces, all from extraordinarily high-quality materials. Authentic artisan skill and genuine passion combine to produce new pieces based on original ideas and fresh perspectives. Company founder Giuseppe Sbroggio is driven to design and produce pieces which are the perfect balance between functionality and style.


Creativity & Design

The collections take their inspiration from three trends: Luxury, Contemporary and Design. The products are the result of research into distinctive styling by architects and designers or come from projects entered into with well-known academic institutions


Fundamental Values

Alberta holds important guidelines: quality materials, attention to detail and finishing, ceaseless research, intelligent innovation, advanced technology, certified industrial manufacturing, total flexibility and a genuine commitment to protecting the environment.


Brand Diversity

Alberta sells in more than 75 countries across the world in which it increased its value, publicity, and consequently in its quality growth.

What you can find by Alberta