Ego Italiano

Satisfy your ego is the idea the founders of Ego Italiano were aiming for. An innovative entrepreneurial vision, in addition to impeccable know-how, led the company to implement a differentiation strategy based on the “return to the essence” of upholstered furniture. The knowledge of the dynamics of production, distribution, and sales has been an important basis for the project to take off from.

Valuable Leather.jpg

Valuable Leather

Ego Italiano is known for its special treatment of leather and its implementation on the furniture


Eco-Friendly Decisions

Ego Italiano always take into consideration every technique used that won’t affect the environment, and received the ISO Certificate (ISO 14001)

Influential Designs.jpg

Influential Designs

Ego Italiano are influenced by great successful outgoing ideas. Their main designs came to life following the rules and regulations of the great architect Mies Van Der Rohe.

What you can find by Ego Italiano