A Meticulous Selection of Raw Materials

Nicoletti Home is an internationally acclaimed Italian brand, with 40 years of experience in high-quality upholstered furniture. This allowed it to combine artisan tradition with the authentic and distinctive “Made in Italy” signature.

Nicoletti Home sofas are the result of a meticulous selection of raw materials as well as the monitoring of each manufacturing phase to offer a long-lasting, time-challenging product. the choice of the materials relies on clear environmentally-friendly criteria.


Relaxing Couches

Nicoletti Home always works with specific standards for sizes and upholstery to ensure an ultimate comfort experience.

Windsor 03.jpg

Leather Coverings

Nicoletti Home uses valuable leather characterized by distinctive features of perspiration, durability, softness, elasticity and comfort.

Passion 03.jpg

Quality Mechanism

Nicoletti Home provides headrest and reclining mechanisms to make their couches more appealing, comfortable, and practical.

What you can find by Nicoletti Home