Mastery and Class

Frag puts its many years of experience to good use, choosing the best leathers and molding them with mastery and class. Saddle leather in particular is a material that is difficult to treat due to its stiffness, but is skillfully processed thanks to Frag’s expertise in this field. Even softer leathers, which are also proficiently processed, are seen as something more than mere upholstery.


Leather Specialists

Frag is a historic producer of furniture since 1921, nearly 100 years.


Experienced Process

Frag’s decades-long experience in craftsmanship, dexterity, stitching, made-to-measure, and updated technology ensures perfect upholstery and finishing.


Design Goals

Frag’s products are finished with deliberate precision characterized by a timeless style and discreet elegance in which every item must be an aesthetic statement rather than just a piece of furniture.

What you can find by Frag