Brand new innovative and significant ideas

Fimes is a point of reference for night area furniture. During the years it has developed innovative new ideas for the market, always offering a wide range of products. Thanks to excellent production technologies, Fimes guarantees the best models for the market’s needs and qualitative standards.

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Modular Systems

FIMES is one of the first brands to adapt a modular wardrobe system, creating double faces, special corners, and bridge solutions in response to current market needs and customer’s changing space requirements.

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Regular Updates

FIMES was founded immediately after the 2nd World War, and along with classical styles and techniques, it made sure to follow modern production trends with larger spaces and new industrial lines.

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Item’s Philosophy

FIMES philosophy for the continued creation of impeccable furniture is that every item must always be a combination of outstanding quality, practicality, everyday needs, and space-saving.

What you can find by Fimes