Craftsmanship and Quality

Tradition, creativity, and innovative spirit are the lifeblood of the collection. The extensive market research and the use of advanced technological tools which makes it a powerful and flexible production. The perfect combination of craftsmanship and industry are the primary reference of quality. The elegance of form, the inlaid precious and the courtesy of the artists, assemblers of manufactured talent, are a guarantee of sophistication in every detail.


Provence Appeal

Sifas’ classical furniture lines draw their inspiration from the atmosphere of Provence and the pure air of the Lubéron Mountains.


High Quality

Sifas is known in its special combinations of high-quality materials like aged teak, Sunbrella fabrics, and woven cording with aluminium and resin, breathing life into collections that exude authenticity and character.


Unique Techniques

Sifas’ traditional manufacturing techniques and artisan production offer revamped classic lines that are not only timeless and original, but add an individual touch to every living space along with durability and resistance to the elements.

What you can find by Sifas