Bold Colors and Clean Lines

Miniforms was created in Italy in the early 1970s as an evolution of Inveta, a producer of small tables and furnishing accessories. Expanding to an international market by the end of the 1980s, Miniforms introduced chairs, tables, and bookcases to its product lines, increasing their catalog with new solutions for living spaces. The company ownership changed hands in 2006, and began working with talented young Italian designers. Designed with bold colors and clear lines, the materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, glass, and aluminum.

Carefree Designs1.jpg

Carefree Designs

Miniforms believes that elegance is not just a drab aesthetic, but potentially a vibrant, colorful and minimalist approach in which one could appreciate the small details.

Wood Identity1.jpg

Made of Wood

Miniforms’ concept is that as Humans are 65% water; Miniforms is 70% wood, and that through their innovative ideas they can give a unique life to wood.

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Surprising Ideas

Miniforms know that it is hard to amaze the audience when they’ve already seen everything; which is why they always expand their perspectives to create furniture that is truly out of the box.

What you can find by Miniforms