Quality Aesthetic & Functionality

Sangiacomo was founded in 1968 in Brugnera, in the province of Pordenone. The continuous attention to the development of markets, the careful research of quality aesthetic and functionality, the careful selection of materials always give an added value to the products of Sangiacomo, allowing the brand to differentiate themselves from the competition. SANGIACOMO is a company that has achieved success thanks to the courage, creativity, and the passion with which it has worked to achieve the objectives set.

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Basic Philosophy

The continuous improvement in performance and investment in research and development are the fundamental duty of a company that wants to maintain consistently high satisfaction for its customers.

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Convenient Technology

The furniture systems build by Sangiacomo simplistic but impressive ideas and solutions that impact living and sleeping areas with a wide choice of materials, sizes, and customizable accessories.

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Furniture System

Sangiacomo’s production technology provides customization and quality control for every single customer along with the selection and use of materials that meet the most stringent regulations.

What you can find by Sangiacomo