Timeless Furnishing

Tonin was created out of passion for the home. Design and appeal, together, in a project made of substance and colour, through dark and light toners, with cult pieces that create timeless furnishing. Tonin Casa is committed to enrich this world with its style, 100% Italian. Variety in form, dimension, and colour. Whatever the furnishing recipe might be, originality and uniqueness are at the heart of every Tonin Casa item. Tonin products are meant for life.

Elegant Identity1.jpg

Elegant Identity

Tonin Casa always maintains a certain level of elegance and charm, which over time created a unique identity with an identifiable style

Artistic Accessories1.jpg

Artistic Accessories

Tonin Casa is famous for its innovative accessories that complete every set in special ways.

Conceptual Furniture1.jpg

Conceptual Furniture

Tonin Casa aims to design their items based on profound and familiar concepts, which is clearly reflected in their furniture.

What you can find by Tonin Casa